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17.9.06 10:33
Hey babygurl!
to Jojo, yeah we use the many "!" because we alla re so enthusiastic abotu all this and because Cori is someone so special that it is necessary to put emphase on it!
alright my darling. I sent you an email and I hope we can talk later. since I do not know when you wake up i do not want to call too early.
I liek your page but at the site "caro" there is nothing it is simply empty.....
maybe you can attach some ncie pictures from your friends too. Taht would be very nice!
I miss you a lot and am looking forward to seeing you an wednesday nigth!
MANY hugz and kizzez!

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11.9.06 21:57
LOL ich nutzte einfach mal wie die anderen user ganz viele "!" !!!
I think the side ist great!
The colors are so beautiful!!
And the pictures!!!

OK dann bis morgen^^ Jojo

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28.7.06 23:55
Hey Babe!!
I want to hear news from you!
I mean I got the mail but I wanna klnow more!
I have already blogged one entry but the next one will follow in like 5 minutes!
Please read and comment or write hear!!
I miss you baby!
Kizzez from you big sis!

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28.6.06 18:40
Hey gurl!?
Waht's up? No noews going on overthere?
come on and blog again! (like we did last summer... *g*) ;-)
I'd love to ´know a bit more bout what's going on in your life!
Kizz Caro

( -/- )
15.6.06 11:34
hey babe!
I would love to hear how oyou finally managed your vapiano and cinema trip!
maybe you can blog something tonight?
oh yeah I forgot to ask whether you have a long weekend or something cuz of the holiday today. Cuz we have school tomorrow and on saturday but maybe you do not have school tomorrow?!
Anyway I'd love you to blog a little bit more!
Miss you so much!
Big kizzez and hugz!
Your caro

( -/- )
29.5.06 12:35
hey sweetbaby! Please call me! I'm sick, didnt write my french exam today. so im in bed and you can call me anytime!
I miss you and i wrote a comment on your last blog entry and i wrote sth in my blog aswell!
please read them and call me!
I gotta talk to you and I LOVE YOU!

( -/- )
25.5.06 14:04
oh shit! what i forgot to mention is that i have run off shaving gel and am starting to get pieksy!
when you visit me this week-end please PLEASE bring me some shaving gel and what would be great if you brought me some at least 70% dark chocolate from the reformhaus!
that would be enourmously amazing!!
And if you would not mind some chewing gum! but i think i can come along with what i have here till the pfingstferien if i rationate it a bit!
I already can't wait for sunday to come and to see you and to eat a big delicous ice-cream!
And don'T worry about your body! Your are still growing and you will become even more beautiful than you are already now! I DON'T WANT YOU TO BE AHSAMED OF YOUR GOURGIOUS BODY!!!!!

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