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Mixed up day

Hey u!
German classtest was bad i didn't learn yesterday because we arrived @ home @ 12 o'clock! I knew nothing i just guessed the whole time!
I miss my sister so much! I can't discribe it!
Musical rehersal was not to bad but boring I am very depressed beucause my voice just sounds awful!
@ home i tried to make chocolate icecream but i think i made something wrong with the recept because the "cream" didn't get stiff! And it tastes to sweet (that sentence out of my mouth means smething )
I think I ate to much or I something bad because my stomage is acking!
I must learn frensh vocabulary! I hope tomorrow I'll write good mark because it's just 2 much!
Bye bye and good night!!!
22.5.06 22:17

Normal Life normal day

Hey u!

Today I went to the city and bought sme stuff e.g. new headphones but I chose the ones I had before from phillips!!!
I also went into the Kaufhof to buy everything for my Birthday cake for Paddy!! And 20 g pepperchocolate =) for u my hunny I thought about buying some Häagen Dazs Ice but i didn't but I went to Bärentreff and bought some "Stärkehexen" =(
Guess who I met in the city! Renate it was nice but she couldn't take me home because she was with a friends and didn't have her car!
Oh I went to DOM for just a little present which i could give Paddy with her cake and I found sme Flavour candels in praline form!! Really gute and the look delicous.
Zoday the TRaining was quite well but something is wrong with my swing I topped everyball!!!! Hope I'll play better the day after tomorrow!!!!!
That's all from me!!!!

Love ya

P.S.: Have you already seen the pic from "me"
26.5.06 19:26

Fu**ing day

Hey guyz
Guess what I played very bad golf today!! We played this preperationround for the "Mädchenmannschaftsturnier" tomorrow!!! I lost 11 balls on 18 Holes!!! Carsten who came with us talked to Mum afterwards and Mum stroke me from the List and now I'm the replacementplayer!! And this 9 year-old girl (Eun Ji she's Chinese) plays tomorrow!! I'm just pissed @ the moment!!!
Otherwise nothing happened!!!
Oh well i ate too much jellybears becuse i was /am very angry!!!!!

Your not very happy Cori
27.5.06 20:11


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